Computer and Services for ALL your needs

Whitlock Imaging can upgrade, repair and maintain your existing system.  We watch the manufacturers releases, the reviews of the top gaming and work system evaluators and pay close attention to the market leaders for reliability and stability to ensure your satisfaction.

Concentrating on the specific needs you have, we can custom design systems to satisfy the maximum flexibility you desire with the highest level of performance for the discriminating computer system user.
At times we come across systems that are still adequate for many tasks and serve the needs of certain functions in the home or office.

When these systems become available, we evaluate and refurbish them as needed.For a family environment we offer them as alternatives to purchasing a new system for the younger members of the family who you want to get started early or the college student who basically needs a web browser and an office type machine for word processing.

Used systems can be a valuable and cost efficient method for replacing faulty equipment in the office.  A system failure in your business is not only annoying but can be debilitating and costly.  We can provide systems to be available as back up units preloaded with all necessary programs to reduce the downtime and cost of a system failure.  The best method for recovering from a disaster is planning for it.
Whitlock Imaging can help you design that plan.
The Following Systems are Currently Available
No systems are available at this time
Systems are sold "As Is" with upgrades available upon request