Internet and Networks

More homes are becoming multiple computer, Ipod, Ipad, Smart TV and smart phone users.  Whitlock Imaging can provide solutions to all your needs for Internet Service Providers (ISP), Home and Business networking, wireless networking and network attached storage (NAS).

Call Whitlock Imaging to set up your home network and get the most of technology today.
Whitlock Imaging can help you with your home or business networing needs.

Whether it be Wired or Wireless, Server Based or Peer to Peer,
we can install your network and internet connection to maximize your usability
With the availability of broad band ever increasing, the ability to install and connect broadband to multiple systems in your home or office becomes very valuable.

Broad band becomes a cost effective alternative for multiple computers with lots of perks.  Broadband speeds are ever increasing and provide the best options for the increased bandwidth needs of todays digital lifestyle.  Stream video, facebook and downloading can be done on multiple devices without apparent degredation in performance.
The price for broadband service can vary from provider to provider but special offers for initial setup and ISP service equipment can create affordable and versatile programs.  This really makes broadband a value in a multi-device environment because all the computers access the internet on the one connection without paying for additional accounts.

On the average, broadband provides exceptional speeds  Whitlock Imaging can recommend the best equipment to meet your networking needs along with installation and configuration.  Let Whitlock Imaging take the headache out of setting up your home or business network.

Whitlock Imaging recommends NETGEAR products exclusively.