Whitlock Imaging Service Rates

Service Rate
Service call at location $75.00/Occurrence
Service $115.00/Hour
Bench Fee $115.00/Hour
Trouble Shooting / Tech Support / Phone Support $115.00/Hour
Consultation $115.00/Hour
Emergency Service $215.00/Occurrence + Hourly Rate
Outside Normal Business Hours $215.00/Occurrence + Hourly Rate
Domain Name Registration $25.00/Domain
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) $115.00/Hour
Web Page Design, Layout and Updates $115.00/Hour
Graphic Design $215.00/Hour
Yearly Website Hosting Package (Windows Basic) $350.00/Year
*Note* All balances due upon receipt of invoice.
Outstanding balances exceeding 30 days from invoice date accrue 15% interest monthly.
Services will be suspended for accounts exceeding 30 days.
Web hosting accounts must be paid in advance of expiration to prevent suspension of site availability.
Rates Effective September 1, 2023