On Hold Recording Services

What do your customers hear when you put them On Hold?  Is it a local radio station advertisement for your competition?
Maybe a commentary that they disagree with or annoys them?  Why not take advantage of this time to keep your customers informed and up to date of
your company programs and plans.

Whitlock Imaging can offer a program that will help maximize your sales.  The time your customers spend on hold can
be utilized by giving them helpful information on your Company and its Products or Services.
Imagine coming back on line with a customer to find them asking for information on more products than they originally
inquired about.  Scripts are custom written for your needs and wants to satisfy your specific industry.  Drive your sales up
by keeping your clientele better informed with pre-recorded advertising designed specifically for you.
All background music has the Royalty prepaid and the selection is extensive.  You can choose from motivational, seasonal
or your favorite style.  Develop your script to maximize interest from your target customer.

Whitlock Imaging can even provide multilingual presentations to meet your needs.

The base recording package includes:
One standard recording up to six (6) minutes in length and
One Holiday recording up to six (6) minutes in length,
scripting with customer assistance on content needs and signed approval,
final mixing, recorded media in Electrnic, CD and Cassette Tape format.
$800.00 for your recording and first year license, each additional year $250.00.